Wedding ceremony Tradition in Poland

A Gloss wedding is normally an event filled with traditions and celebration. Listed here is a look at the most important kinds to know just before you be present at one:

Pre-wedding ceremony

Frequently , a week or so prior to wedding, the bride and groom discuss with their father and mother to receive the blessing (oczepiny). This is a regular ritual that symbolizes the bottom of maidenhood and the newbie of womanhood. The couple poland ladies marriage kneels down, and the parents let them have a corner to hug. They also desire these people a happy matrimony and remind them to be kind to each other. That is a very mental and emblematic moment for the bride and soon-to-be husband.

First dance

Following the ceremony, and simply before the guests head to the reception, the wedding couple will accomplish what is called a first dance. This is not always their particular first time grooving together to be a married couple, nonetheless it is usually the first dance of this night, and a great way to show their love for each additional. This is an extremely special and intimate second for the couple, and must not be missed.

Rice, cash and petals of roses

During the house of worship ceremony it is quite common designed for the newlyweds to be showered with grain, coins or perhaps petals of roses. The superstition lurking behind this is that it will bring them best of luck in their matrimony. As the couple procedures out of the church, also, they are normally showered with tulips or silver and gold coins, which the guests therefore take off them and put in a small pile on the earth for them to get.

Friends and family

As a generally Catholic nation, Polish tourists will more often than not include a lot of sort of religious element in their wedding ceremony traditions. If the couple is usually walking returning to their reception, they are normally greeted by their parents with loaf of bread and sodium. This is an extremely special and meaningful portion of the ceremony since it represents their family’s support for the purpose of these people. It is also a really sentimental and touching moment for the couple since it marks their very own departure using their company homes to start their fresh life at the same time.

The brides father will then usually lead her to her husband, and this is definitely a beautiful part of the formal procedure. The bridesmaids and besty will frequently stand by the couple to congratulate them, too as hand these people a sealed envelope pounds for their honeymoon.


As with some other cultures, vodka is a big problem at Polish weddings. Simply because the couple is congratulated, it’s very common for them to always be offered two glasses, a person filled with water and a person with vodka. They have to select which to imbibe, and in accordance to tradition, the person who drinks the vodka first would be the dominant partner in the marriage.

It is not unusual for the party to last all night by a Polish wedding, and occasionally extend into a second daytime! Be sure to wear comfortable boots and shoes, and be well prepared for hours of dancing.